Industrial Automatization

The operation control of water-management facilities using information technologies improves considerably the control of the complicated technological units of waste and drinking water treatment plants, pump stations and water transport (pipeline) systems.

Industrial automatization contributes markedly to the harmonization of the controlled processes independently on the operator whether in the day or night shifts. It also assures signalling selected operation deviations, continuous data collection and evaluation. Real-time control algorithms using dynamic models are available both for individual assemblies and units.

Process visualization using dedicated SW provides detailed graphic illustration of the operation of individual equipment parts irrespective of their distance from the control room. In spite of full automatization, the K&H TECHNOLOGY  a.s. systems retain the possibility for the operator to intervene in the control system.

The K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. specialists are experienced in industrial automatization applications not only for waterworks but also for various industrial processes - furnaces, driers, production lines. They are able to assess in detail the needs of the particular technological unit and to develop customized software.