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17 January, 2020

Lime hydrate silo at Klenovec Water Treatment Plant

In December 2019, K&K TECHNOLOGY produced and supplied two steel lime hydrate silos to ProMinent Slovakia for Klenovec WTP.

The 30 m3 silos were designed for storing, preparation and dosing of lime hydrate as part of the WTP chemical management system. Their cylindrical design is terminated with a flat ceiling and a conical bottom, and it has its own supporting structure anchored to the concrete foundation. The silos are equipped with climbing ladders and safety railings on their tops. An air agitation and electric vibration technology is used to facilitate discharging the silo contents. To comply with the requirments, the silos were also equipped with knife gate valves, conveyors, dust filters, safety valves, control entrances, and limit probes.

The steel silos from K&K TECHNOLOGY are designed for outdoor applications to store bulk powder materials and granular mixtures. Besides their applications in the water management sector, they can also be used in agriculure, construction, food industry, and chemical plants.












11 December, 2019

Modernization of the open-plan water-management laboratory at the Czech Technical University

On November 28th, 2019, the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) in Prague has ceremonially taken over the construction "CTU - FCE - Modernization of Open-Plan Water-Management Laboratory", to be used for teaching and research again.

K&K TECHNOLOGY together with SMP CZ, the general contractor, participated in the modernization. K&K TECHNOLOGY completed the main work on construction of the mechanical & technological facility. Further, our supply included reconstruction of pipelines, a measuring infrustructure installation, reconstruction of the existing hydraulic experimental trough, and replacement of a travelling crane.

The project implementation will enable FCE students to use the specialized laboratory again and thereby contribute to the development of their competencies, especially in the development models of water management structures and technologies.









21 October, 2019

FINNCHAIN scraper systems for multi-deck sedimentation tanks

As the use of land/ property needs to be efficient, sedimentation tanks at wastewater treatment plant can be built in multiple decks. The most common is double-deck, but it is not out of question to use even more. In these cases maintenance and repair can be challenging and expensive, so the operational reliability of the scraper system is extremely important.

Patented features developed by Finnchain guarantee not only a longer lifetime but also operational reliability which is crucial for scraper systems installed in multi-deck sedimentation tanks.

In BESOS WWTP (Aigues de Barcelona), there have been installed a total of 90 FINNCHAIN scraper systems. "We have installed FINNCHAIN scrapers in our plant for the removal of sludge of the settlers. This equipment is working correctly and complying with the function for which they were installed in 2006," told Manel Marquina Soler, Maintenance Manager EDAR.

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. has been appointed as FINNCHAIN sole representative in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic since AD 2002. For that time, K&K TECHNOLOGY has successfully supplied dozens of FINNCHAIN scraping systems.

More about FINNCHAIN scraper systems for multi-deck sedimentation tanks




27 June, 2019

Jindřichův Hradec WWTP aeration system modernization

In May 2019, K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. handed over to the municipality of Jinřichův Hradec and put a reconstructed aeration system technology in the activation line at Jinřichův Hradec WWTP into trial operation.



The reconstruction of the activation line was carried out as the last phase of the complete reconstruction of the whole earation system, which included replacement of blowers and of the control system in the first phases.

K&K TECHNOLOGY supplied and installed a new pressure air supply line into the activation line and a new fine bubble aeration system into the nitrification tank and the sludge regeneration tank. At the same time, it modified the air supply management system for each tank and carried out rehabilitation and a new protective coating of the tank concrete walls.

The newly installed aeration elements are a more efficient technology and, moreover, they save electrical energy.

Replacing the air inlet pipe and aeration elements was part of a long-term project of reconstruction of one of the most important technological parts of the WWTP. The replacement project was quite challenging as the works had to be carried out during full operation without effectig the quality to the water treatment process.





5 June, 2019

K&K TECHNOLOGY supplies a new water tank for the town of Hrádek

In April 2019, company K&K TECHNOLOGY commenced earth works for the construction of a new water tank in the town of Hrádek in the place of an obsolete water tank. The current water tank accumulating 100 m3 is already unsatisfactory due to its one-day supply of water, therefore, the spring area of water sources will be strengthened with the construction of a new water tank. The building will serve primarily to accumulate 200 m3 and to distribute water to Hrádek by gravity, especially for the 750 people connected to a water main.

Above the water tanks and the valve chamber, a ground inlet facility has been built with a separate room to dose water treatment chemicals.

The construction is always done to secure continuous water supply to inhabitant and to operate the former water tank until the new water tank is commissioned.

In the following months, technological equipment of the water tank and connection of a new well will be carried out.The demolition of the former water tank and the landscaping of the building plot will be completed after the new water tank will have been put into operation.





28 February, 2019

K&K TECHNOLOGY has supplied a modern solution for a digester tank with an installed gas holder at WWTP Mariánské Lázně

K&K TECHNOLOGY, joint-stock company, has reconstructed the sludge and gas management of the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in the town of Mariánské Lázně, together with SMP CZ Praha, the reconstruction company in association titled "Společnost Mariánské Lázně - SMP - K&K". The reconstruction of the sludge and gas management at the WWTP began in April 2017 for Chevak Cheb as the investor, and was completed in January 2019.

K&K TECHNOLOGY has delivered a complete modern solution for the sludge and gas management. Originally anaerobic sludge stabilization had taken place in four digester tanks made of enamelled sheets. Because of damage, the tanks were disassembled and a new modern digester tank was built in their place. This option with an installed gas holder saves space in the WWTP facility.

The new digester tank of reinforced concrete with storage volume of 2,100 m3, inside diameter of 22 m, and height of 7,25 m, contains 780 m3 Sattler membrane gas holder anchored to the concrete ceiling. The digester is now precisely mixed by three mechanical tilting MSDH stirrers and its heating is provided by a heating coil inside the tank.

The vertical MSDH stirrers from K&K TECHNOLOGY own in-house production can be dismantled from the digester tank without interrupting its operation.

Besides the delivery of the technological equipment for the digester tank with the gas holder, K&K TECHNOLOGY supplied technology for storage tanks with recuperative heat exchangers, SGM engine room with a boiler room, and installations for processing - drying of biogas. The complete electrotechnical part was implemented within the contract including an automatic control system of technological processes.











11 November, 2018

K&K TECHNOLOGY is the technology supplier for the biological wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in DEZA

In September 2018, K&K TECHNOLOGY signed a contract for a technological delivery within the association titled "Společnost ČOV DEZA-HT+KK+SM", with DEZA being the investor. The association members, namely HOCHTIEF CZ, K&K TECHNOLOGY and Stavební mechanizace - Servis, will jointly complete the "Wastewater Treatment Plant in DEZA" project.

The biological wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) reconstruction will enable to improve the technological process quality of sewage treatment, particularly focused on the disposal of cyanide and, therefore, water quality improving.

K&K TECHNOLOGY is primarily reconstructing the technological facility for the biological WWTP in DEZA plant. The newly supplied technology comprises a pumping station, machine racks, an equalization tank, a flotation facility, a biological treatment section including a secondary settling tank, a tertiary treatment section with a lamellar separator, two-stage pressure filtration, and sludge management.

Also, K&K TECHNOLOGY supplied complete electrical installations related to the new technology, a process control system and a security system.

The expected term of handing over the complete work to the investor is the beginning of 2020.



28 August, 2018

K&K TECHNOLOGY completed the reconstruction of Petrovičky WTP

In June 2018, K&K TECHNOLOGY completed the reconstruction of Petrovičky Water Treatment Plant (WTP) as the main water treatment plant in the urban are of Petrovičky and Makov (approx. 250 inhabitants). The WTP reconstruction also comprises new joining a well HV 3 to increase the capacity of the sources. The reconstruction was realized during full operation with no impact on water supply.

A new technological unit of water treatment plant was built in the former premises of the WTP to reduce the content of iron, manganese, arsenic and randon in water. Also, necessary civil works for the building were completed including the construction of a valve chamber at well HV3 and the construction of a new auxiliary tank for outlet water from pressure filter washing.

Pumps were replaced in all wells including new equipment for the valve chambers in the mouths of the bores, with the complete reconstruction of the electrical installations and installation of technological process control.


The water treatment plant was designed as an effective and safe water management insfrastructure, with its operation being fully automatic.








29 June, 2018

The technology of Sihoť Pumping Station was awarded the 1. prize of Zlatá AQUA

From 12 to 14 June 2018, K&K TECHNOLOGY attended the AQUA water management exhibition in Trenčín, where it obtained two awards.

On the first day of the exhibition, K&K TECHNOLOGY was awarded the first place in the Zlatá Aqua technology category and the second place for the "Modrý Akvadukt" exposition.

The Pumping Station Sihoť - Bratislava was awarded the 1st prize in the "Technology" category. The project titled "VZ Sihoť, rekonštrukcia ČS4 a TS4" comprised reconstruction of pumping station 4 and a pumping technology for five wells on Sihoť Island on the Danube River.

The capacity of the water resource at Sihoť is 900l/s, i.e. 28 mil. m3 per year. It supplies water to nearly a quarter of a million of people in Bratislava.

The main reason for this reconstruction was the depreciation and technical obsolescence of the technology which unacceptably increased the risk of failure of the water supply operation.

The project technology was supplied by K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. with following parts: pumping station - the high-pressure part, the low-pressure part, well pumping technology.


23 March, 2018

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. supplied a technological solution for the Biogas station in Vyškov

At the end of the year 2017, K&K TECHNOLOGY finished the 1st phase of technological reconstruction of the Biogas station (BS) in Vyškov for the operator REBIOS spol. s r.o.

Two original propeller stirrers were repaired and two new long shaft propeller stirrers were supplied for the post-fermentor tank within the technological supply. To heat the post-fermentor tank contens, a new heating system was installed and the current gas holder was fitted with new safety elements and partial repairs of the current pipe fermenters were made.

At the same time, the current biofilter was reconstructed completely and completed with a new roof to reduce the bad smell spreading to the BS surroundings. The reconstruction was planned so that the period of the necessary outage in waste receipt could be as short as possible. After being supplied, the renewed technology by K&K TECHNOLOGY made the operation of the whole BS more effective including biogas, electrical and heat energy production while utilizing the energy potential of the incoming waste.

Biogas station Vyškov offers the possibility of disposal and utilization of biodegradable waste, animal by-products and other raw materials in its region.


19 February, 2018

Operating info can be immediately visible through WWTP management control system

More effective operation of municipal waste water treatment plants (WWTP) is very important in terms of safety and operating cost savings. Therefore, every operator should consider investments into modern control systems which can transfer data from each section to control system and PC control room in WWTP. Our team of experts from K&K TECHNOLOGY can help you to control WWTP operation; our company has been an expert one for many years in water management and industrial automation.


Sophisticated constrol systems

The most modern way of control is via control systems that collect useful info from all operating units and evaluate it.

The following functions can be included in the delivery of WWTP automation systems:

  • monitored quantity and level of inlet and outlet water pollution
  • measurement of dissolved oxygen and temperature in activated sludge tank
  • level monitoring in reservoirs, tanks, gas holders
  • flocculant preparation and dosing management process
  • sedimentation process management
  • sludge discharge process management
  • pH and temperature measurement
  • complete technology operation analysis
  • transmition of required data to the control room, sending warning, query or informative sms


Thus, you are informed promptly about all operating information that is an important factor for increased WWTP reliability. With online monitoring, you will also be able to get an overview of every equipment part or technological unit. This year, our company has also secured and assisted its clients with automation on the basis of their operating requirements in the sphere of water treatment plants, heating industry and management of packaging machines. Our expert team focused on control system designing, whether complete systems or parts thereof, will design the most suitable control systems and supply other related service.



20 December, 2017

K&K TECHNOLOGY has assembled technological equipment of biological line at Prague WWTP

Since 2017, K&K TECHNOLOGY has been assembling technological system PS02 - Pressure Air Piping within the biological line premises at Prague WWTP.

This is a stainless steel pipin system in a total lenght of 2,6 km. Stainless steel brackets made by K&K TECHNOLOGY are used to support the pipeline.

Furthermore, we have been providing assembly of low-speed stirrers (72 pcs),high-speed stirrers (28pcs), water gates, and check gates.




30 October, 2017

K&K TECHNOLOGY reconstructed the drinking water technology at Lužná pumping station

In October 2017, Lužná pumping station (PS) was commissioned and put into full operation for VaK Vsetín a.s., the investor. The subject of the delivery was replacement of the outdated PS technology. Our company K&K TECHNOLOGY was a General Contractor for the project, which consisted of mechanical, electrical and civil parts.

Four new 35 l/s capacity and 140 m head pumps were installed. The facility modification included new stainless steel pipelines and a hydraulic shock protection system. Complete new electrical installations were carried out incl. the delivery of switchgears, a motor generator of 275 kVA backup power and two 400 oil transformers. Our team specialzed in control system designing installed a new control system with data transfer to the central control station. The civil part consisted mainly in finishing the surface within the pumping station (wall tiling, paving, painting and finishing) and in new outside consolidated areas in front of the building.

When implementing the project, our company had to cope with and succeeded in meeting the investor´s requirement to replace the technololy during full PS operation with only short-therm shutdowns within hours.



3 July, 2017

K&K TECHNOLOGY supplies and assembles a sectional part of technological equipment at WWTP Praha

Since the beginning of the year 2017, K&K TECHNOLOGY has been supplying and assembling a sectional part of the technological equipment at WWTP Praha. Technology subdeliveries were realized in adequate quality according to the schedule for DEGREMONT WTE WASSERTECHNIK PRAHA - Main Contractor and Arko Technology - Subcontractor.

Our company has produced and assembled 204 pcs of stainless steel outflow channels for secondary sedimentation tanks. The assembly process is specific and more demanding due to the depth and covers of the tanks. For this time, only half of the total number of outflow channels is assembled.

Furthermore, K&K TECHNOLOGY provides assembly of floating matter pipes as part of object SO 09 and assembly of tensometric scale frames.



26 June, 2017

Reconstruction of digester tank at WWTP Klatovy

Based on a public tender, K&K TECHNOLOGY is the supplier of reconstruction for digester tank no. III. at WWTP Klatovy.

Before the reconstruction, the present concrete tank was operated as an open storage tank for digested sludge to be dewatered. After the reconstruction, it will be covered with a gastight steel cap and a long shaft MSDH stirrer for sludge homogenization will be installed inside the tank.  Heating bodies will be installed to heat sludge and, finally, the pipes and technological equipment will be finished to use the tank for sludge anaerobic stabilization. The total storage capacity of the WWTP sludge management will be increased to 950 m3.

The expected term of completion is September 2017 with subsequent 6 months of trial operation.


1 April, 2017

Modernization of sludge and gas management solution at WWTP Mariánské Lázně

In March 2017, a contract for reconstruction of sludge and gas management was signed between CHEVAK Cheb and association "Společnost Mariánské Lázně - SMP - K&K" where K&K TECHNOLOGY, joint-stock company, is a participant.

K&K TECHNOLOGY has designed and will supply the modern sludge treatment and gas management including process control system. Intensification is based on the design of a new reactor with a gas holder installed on it. The 2193 m3 modern reactor will be built instead of the four existing obsolete digester tanks. The 780 m3 Sattler membrane gas holder will be anchored to the concrete ceiling of the reactor. The tank reactor of 22 m in inner diameter and 6,5 m in depth will be mixed precisely by three tilting vertical MSDH stirrers which will be installed on the top of the tank.

The electric control of the MSDH stirrer continually adapts equipment power via a frequency converter in dependence on the substrates supplied and on the individual need of mixing, spares the power set and protects against start-up surges. The motor with a gearbox and the tilting mechanism is designed for installation outside the tank. The shaft of the stirrer goes through a gas-tight ceiling bushing inside the tank.

The designed solution of modernization of the sludge and gas management will increase the efficiency of the anaerobic sludge stabilization process and energy utilization of the sludge generated by the WWTP operation



25 January, 2017

K&K TECHNOLOGY company announces the new business location

Dear Sirs and Madams,

it is our great pleasure to inform you that we have moved to our new offices on January, 25th. Our new address is  Koldinova 672, 339 01 Klatovy II., Czech Republic.

In the correspondence or invoices please state our new address.

Our phone, fax numbers and e-mails will remain the same.



30 September, 2016

K&K TECHNOLOGY is a technology supplier for three WWTPs in the upper Nitra Region

In September 2016, K&K TECHNOLOGY signed a contract with one member of the association for the "WWTP North" project to supply technology for three WWTP´s. The "WWTP North" project addresses sewerage and waste water treatment in the Upper Nitra Region in Slovakia.

The subject of works in the Upper Nitra Region is construction of a 93-km logn sewerage system with 3744 sewer branches. The project also includes reconstruction of Partizanske WWTP for 30 thousand EI, Bánovce n. Bebravou WWTP for 26 thousand EI, and Topolčany WWTP for 58 thousand EI.

K&K TECHNOLOGY supplied complete reconstruction of the mechanical and electrical parts and of the process control system of the sludge and gas management for Partizánske WWTP, and reconstruction of the sludge and gas management mechanical and electrical parts and the process control system of the sand trap and storage tank for Bánovce n. Bebravou and Topolčany WWTP´s.

The scheduled deadline of the complete project is May 2017.



22 August, 2016

Reconstruction of sludge management and implementation of new gas management at Zlate Moravce WWTP

On August 22nd, Zlate Moravce WWTP was commissioned for a six-month trial operation. The technology part was completed by K&K TECHNOLOGY and handed over to the construction company - Vodohospodářské stavby a.s. Bratislava.

Our company participated in sludge management reconstruction and completion of the new gas management (mechanical - technological) part of Zlate Moravce WWTP within the following range:

- Technological equipment of the existing digester tank

- Technological equipment of a new digester tank

- Technological equipment of digester tank machine room incl. delivery of a screw heat exchanger

- Technological equipment of the compressor house used to stir the digester tak with biogas incl. delivery of The UTILE compressors

- Technological equipment of the cogeneration unit building incl. delivery of TEDOM cogeneration unit

- Construction of a double membrane gas holder incl. equipment of the gas holder engine room

- Technological equipment of the storage tank

- Delivery and assembly of absorption deulphurization device

- Delivery and assembly of biogas disposal 110 A device

- Equipment of the longitudinal sedimentation tanks

- Equipment of the circular secondary settling tanks

- Delivery and assembly of all shutters (both manual and electric)

- Technological equipment of the boiler room incl. the delivery of new VIADRUS boilers



27 July, 2016

Sludge drying plant at Karlovy Vary WWTP in trial operation

In May 2016, the trial operation of sludge drying unit at Karlovy Vary WWTP was commenced.

The plant is the first realization of low-temperature sludge drying in the Czech Republic. K&K TECHNOLOGY was the supplier of the technological equipment comprising pipe distribution and peripheral equipment needed to operate the sludge drier itself.

The subject of our delivery included the mechanical part and the control system. The delivery and assembly of the low-temperature drying machine was supplied independently by Spanish company STC Aqualogy. Our company directly manufactured and supplied a storage tank for dewatered sludge with volume of 30 m3 equipped with hydraulic travelling bottom and also rotating screw conveyer for dried sludge.  The whole plant is designed as fully automatic with permanent supervision and designed capacity up to 6000 t of dewatered sludge per year. 

The thermal drying system made by STC is based on hot air circulation at low temperature (air 80°C) in belt dryer. The drying process results in granulate with min. dry content of 90%. The granulate can be reused as a raw material to produce second-generation fuel. The sewage sludge will thus become a very interesting commodity within the philosophy of circular economy.



WWTP and BPS stirrer wins 1st place in the Golden Aqua contest

Joint-stock company K&K TECHNOLOGY participated in the 21st year of the AQUA Trenčín Water Management exhibition from 14 to 16 June 2016, and was awarded two prizes.

On 14 July 2016, joint-stock company K&K TECHNOLOGY was awarded 1st prize in the product category and 3rd prize for the best technology in the Golden Aqua contest at the AQUA exhibition.  Both prizes were taken over by Ing. Jan Kutil and Ing. Josef Horejš, members of the K&K Technology Board.     

The main prize in the product category was won by a long shaft stirrer for biogas plants and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The stirrer is used to mix liquid substrates of low to medium viscosity, homogenize substrates in tanks, and prevent the formation of sinking and floating layers.

The technology used in Trenčianske Stankovce WWTP was third in the best technology category. The concept of wastewater intensification and treatment at WWTP primarily involves intensification of the biological stage as the main part of the entire WWTP, having the primary effect on treated wastewater quality. Requirements for high reliability, lifetime and minimal maintenance needs were taken into account when designing the individual devices and equipment parts.  The principal modernization solutions include the use of Invent hyberboloid stirrers in denitrification and nitrification tank homogenization.  



1 June, 2016

K&K TECHNOLOGY reconstructs digester tanks at Žilina WWTP

In May 2016, K&K TECHNOLOGY concluded a contract for work for reconstruction of digester tank no. 2 at Žilina WWTP.

The reconstruction consists in complete replacement of digester tank technological equipment which is at the end of its lifetime period and rehabilitation of the tank inner surface in order to ensure tank water- and gas-tightness. The tank hydraulic mixing pump will also be replaced and the technology of collected sludge receipt and transfer into the digester tank will be completed. The reconstruction also includes installation of new measuring instruments and PLC to monitor and control the technological process of sludge management.   

The aim of this project is to increase effectiveness and safety of the WWTP sludge and gas management.

The expected term of completion is October 2016.



16 February, 2016

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. is the general supplier and manufacturer of specilized equipment for biowaste processing

In February 2016, the 2nd phase of BGP Rybitví construction was put into trial operation for the investor Marius Pedersen a.s.

K&K TECHNOLOGY was the general supplier of the 2nd phase of Rybitví Biogas Plant with the aim to process biologically degradable waste including expired packed food. Our company manufactured and supplied specialized equipment for complete biologically degradable waste processing, i.e. package collecting, crushing and separating, and biowaste hygienization.

Collected biowaste incl. packages is unloaded into a steel storage tank with the capacity of 40 m3 and conveyed through a set of conveying and feeding screw conveyors from the tank bottom to an inclined screw conveyor and then to a separating facility. The separated biodegradable part of the waste is accumulated in a tank and then pumped into two pasteurization tanks for hygienization. Further, the hygienized suspension is dosed to the anaerobic tanks constructed in the 1st phase of the reconstruction.

Rybitví Biogas Plant is one of the modern biogas plants in the Czech Republic for complete biodegradable waste processing.



14 January, 2016

Reconstructed Púchov WWTP in one year trial operation

In January 2016, the one year trial operation of Púchov WWTP was commenced.  K&K TECHNOLOGY was the general supplier of the technological part for the Púchov WWTP reconstruction project. The delivery of our company included reconstruction of the technological equipment for mechanical pre-treatment, biological treatment, sludge and gas management including electrical part and automated control system with remote control.

The biological phase was designed as an activation process starting with denitrification and resulting in oxic zones to secure nitrification. As part of the sludge and gas management reconstruction, in addition to other things, a double membrane gas holder with the capacity of 260 m3 was installed.  The produced biogas will be used in the newly installed cogeneration unit generating electric power.

The project titled “Púchov District Water Supply and Sewage System - Phase I” increased the proportion of waste water treatment at Púchov WWTP to 30 000 EI together with anaerobic sludge stabilization and extended the sewerage system in the agglomeration of Púchov - Dolné Kočkovce, Dohňany, Púchov, a Střeženice.  According to the applicable legal standards of the Slovak Republic, waste water collection and treatment at Púchov WWTP will have a positive impact on the environment, especially on the quality of Váh River surface water.



26 November, 2015

The 9th conference "ANAEROBIE" was held in Klatovy

K&K TECHNOLOGY together with the CZWA Sludge and Waste Expert Group and in coordination with the Association of Wastewater Treatment Experts of the Slovak Republic was the organizer of the 9th Year of the “ANAEROBIE” expert conference held in October 21-22, 2015 in Klatovy.

The conference concerning the anaerobic technologies took place in the K&K TECHNOLOGY administrative building and was attended by business partners and 150 participants of water treatment operators, designers, representatives of universities, state agencies and all current and future operators of the anaerobic technologies.

The lectures focused on the trends in developing and achieving the current knowledge of the anaerobic treatment processes, experience in the operation of sludge management and energy recovery from sludge that contributes considerably to WWTP energy self-sufficiency.

K&K TECHNOLOGY participated in the lectures concerning experience and current knowledge in sludge and gas management designing and operating for the last 25 years and in the modern solutions of fermentation tanks and the issue of foam formation in digester tanks, and disposal of sludge via drying or combustion.











20 October, 2015

Choceň Water treatment plant in trial operation

In the period 2014 - 2015, K&K TECHNOLOGY, member of an association of companies, took part in the “Choceň, CH -1 Water Treatment Plant” project.  Our company K&K TECHNOLOGY was the supplier of technology for engineering part, electric part and automated control system with remote control.

The function of the newly designed construction is mainly to ensure treatment of groundwater from the newly exploited deep well to meet the legislative requirements to provide drinking water quality for drinking water supply. The project provides drinking water supply for 9340 inhabitants.  Two parallel pressure filters Culligan to dose sodium hypochlorite with capacity treatment 35 l/s were installed. The water treatment plant is designed to be fully automatic with occasional supervision and chemicals preparation and filling.

The new water treatment plant was started up for trial operation in October 2015. 





3 August, 2015

K&K TECHNOLOGY carries out the second phase of implementation
in Biogas station - Rybitví

In July 2015, K&K TECHNOLOGY made a contract for work for the implementation of the 2nd phase of processing other substrates. The 2nd phase is being built with the aim of maximum power production while using the power capacity of sludge processed by the nearby waste water treatment plants and receiving biodegradable waste subject to hygienization.

Within the 2nd phase, K&K TECHNOLOGY supplies specialized equipment to collect and process biodegradable waste.

The expected term of completion of the work is by the end of the year 2015. Trial operation is scheduled to commence at the beginning of the year 2016.





13 August, 2015


Educational activity – “Training of Welders of Steel Structures and Technological Pipelines according to EN 287-1”, Reg. No. CZ.1.04/1.1.00/C3.00001

From 24 to 28 August 2015, K&K TECHNOLOGY will organize an educational activity titled “Training of Welders of Steel Structures and Technological Pipelines according to EN 287-1”, which will be attended by 8 employees, within the National Individual Project “Support of Professional Education for Employees”, Reg. No. CZ.1.04./1.1.00/C3.00001.

The project titled “Support of Professional Education for Employees”, Reg. No. CZ.1.04/1.1.00/C3.00001, is co-financed by the European Social Fund and from the state budget of the Czech Republic.



16 July, 2015

Železná Ruda WTP in trial operation

In May 2015, Water Treatment Plant was handed over to the project general contractor Lesní stavby Nýrsko for trial operation. Water treatment plant intensification was commenced in January 2015.

The intensification includes a new filtration unit based on the principle of two-stage coagulation pressure filtration including pressure measurement system to provide for WTP automatic control depending on raw water quality.

K&K TECHNOLOGY supplied technology such as UV filter, pumps, piping system incl. valves, compressors, measuring system, and automatic control system.

New installation of WTP with capacity of 12 l/s is designed to ensure drinking water supply to the Town of Železná Ruda in sufficient quality and quantity.



18 June, 2015

The new generation of helical heat exchanger

During the Vodovody - kanalizace 2015 exhibition, the new generation of helical heat exchanger was launched using an innovative production and material technology.

The helical heat exchanger of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. is simple equipment to be used for indirect warm-water heating of mixed sludge and to keep process temperature of anaerobic sludge stabilisation in WWTP digesters and biogas plant fermentors.

The product is easy to fit in place and to handle while being cleaned. For access to the screw heat area, the helical heat exchanger is fitted with a small crane to handle the cover. The big advantage is easy replacement of the heat exchanger screw if it fails.

Screw heat exchanger TVVK 6 was promoted at the 19th Vodovody - kanalizace Water Management Exhibition. 

Through a cut-out in the shell, visitors could see the auger to satisfy themselves of the improvement of the product properties.  






For more information, please visit the product page – helical heat exchanger.




26 March, 2015

Intensification of gas management at WWTP Sokolov

In January 2015, K&K TECHNOLOGY handed over the modernized gas management as a part of WWTP SOKOLOV intensification, Phase I. The former wet gasholder was reconstructed for dry seal type incl. TECON membrane with the capacity of 450 m3 within the delivery for ARKO TECHNOLOGY.  A new building of gasholder engine room was equipped with a product line such as water seal, water drain and water reservoir supplied by K&K TECHNOLOGY. The former gas compressor plant was fitted with two UTILE gas compressors.





20 January, 2015

Extension of sludge management at Karlovy Vary WWTP

From May to December 2014, K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. supplied and installed a third decanter centrifuge by Centrivit to dewater digested sludge at the Karlovy Vary WWTP.

The centrifuge was installed including all accessories, new supply piping for dewatered sludge to containers, and an automatic operation control system. The order also covered customization of the valve chamber equipment for sludge withdrawal from the digested sludge homogenization tank.

The newly installed centrifuge will increase the digested sludge processing capacity by 22m3 per hour.




28 November, 2014

Benešov WWTP in trial operation

At the end of November, K&K TECHNOLOGY handed over the complete technology of the Benešov WWTP to the project general contractor POHL CZ,a.s. for trial operation. The investment project of the town of Benešov was aimed at improvement of the town´s water management infrastructure, which included extension and intensification of the municipal waste water treatment plant.

Our company supplied the complete technology, the implementation of which was necessary to achieve the required limits at the WWTP outflow to the recipient of the Benešovský Brook.

The extension and intensification of the complete WWTP technology carried out by K&K TECHNOLOGY covered raw water pretreatment reconstruction including the equipment of a new storm water basin with a pumping station;reconstruction of the biological units and equipment of two circular secondary settling tanks; sludge thickening intensification; extension of the sludge and gas management and mechanical sludge dewatering; and installation of a new cogeneration unit and of two pumping stations. The technological units were equipped additionally with a new powered installation controlled through a new automatic control system.



27 August, 2014

The construction of new Choceň WTP has commenced

January 17, 2012 K&K TECHNOLOGY company in association known as “Úpravna vody Choceň” made a contract of work for technological part of Water treatment plant Choceň construction. In June 2014, after the funding was received from Operational Programme Environment (OPE), Vodovody a kanalizace Jablonné nad Orlicí, the owner and operator, commenced the construction of the new WTP Choceň.

WTP Choceň construction will be implemented with capacity of 35l/s and new storage of 750 m3 situated in existing complex of the water tank Choceň. In January 2014 our company will start preparation works on technological part incl. control system automation. The work completion is supposed to be completed until July 2015.



28 July, 2014

Ústí nad Orlicí WWTP in trial operation

May 6, 2014 WWTP USTÍ NAD ORLICÍ was handed over to one year trial operation by associated companies SMP CZ, VCES, HOCHTIEF CZ, AVB. K&K TECHOLOGY was general subcontractor of technology part within the project “Ústí nad Orlicí – sewer and WWTP”.


Since June 2012 the project of sewer and waste water and treatment plant Ústí nad Orlicí, which is operated by TEPVOS, has started. The aim of project was to improve waste water treatment quality and environment protection in Orlickoústecko region.

WWTP intensification comprises raw and mechanical pretreatment, new biological line, sludge and gas management, complete electric part and technological process visualization equipment. Our company supplied technological equipment of pumping stations in sewer system.



26 June, 2014


Zlatá AQUA award for the best technology

June 10, 2014 on the occasion of AQUA exhibition opening ceremony there was K&K TECHNOLOGY awarded by the 1. prize for the best technology in water management. The AQUA award was given for implemented structure: "Public Sewer Rajec, Reconstruction of Sewage System and WWTP".

K&K TECHNOLOGY General Manager, Václav Kutil took AQUA award in attendance of SNK IWA Chairman, Doc. Ing. Štefan Stanko PhD, EXPO CENTER General Manager, Ing Pavel Hozlár and the Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic Peter Žiga.

K&K TECHNOLOGY reconstructed mechanical-biological treatment plant WWTP Rajec which secures industrial and municipal wastewater treatment from the city of Rajec. The quality of purified waste water that flows from WWTP into recipient, absolutely fulfil the designed limits and meet legislative requirements.




16 April, 2014

Invitation to AQUA 2014 fair trade

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. would like to invite you to visit our boost on AQUA fair trade, which will take place from June 10-12, 2014 in EXPO CENTER Trenčín, Slovakia.

You can find us in hall 6, boost no. 41.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

For more information see



12 March 2014


Invitation to IFAT 2014 fair trade

K&K TECHNOLOGY, supplier of water management structures, biogas stations and industrial control systems is pleased to invite you to attend exhibition site at IFAT fair trade, which will be held May 5 – 9., 2014 in München.

You can find K&K TECHNOLOGY in joint Czech exhibition stand num.  205, hall A3.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

For more information see



26 August 2013

Technological intensification of Žilina WWTP  has been completed

July 19, 2013 technological part of Žilina WWTP intensification was carried out and handed over to VÁHOSTAV – SK a. s., general supplier. The new intensification provides increase in capacity of 220 00 IE. Zilina

The aim of project is to eliminate a nitrogen and phosphorus in waste water and meet a liability of WWTP outflow limits due to requirements of Slovak and European legacy. The main production of our company for complete reconstruction of mechanical – biological part comprises equipment for circular settling tank ø 40m, equipment for circular secondary settling tank ø 40m, longitudinal air sand trap and two chambers gate valve closures.



20.August 2013

„Slovenská Ľupča – sewerage and WWTP” – commencing works

In June 2013, the contract of work concerning project “Slovenská Ľupča – sewerage and WWTP has been signed with Dúha, joint-stock company. As a part of subject to contract is machine and electro-technical supply for WWTP. K&K TECHNOLOGY commenced works at beginning of July 2013. There is purpose that the project will be finished in September, 2013.

The new WWTP of 4200 EO will be constructed to provide waste water treatment for town of Slovenská Ľupča. The project concept includes WWTP with mechanical – biological treatment to remove carbon and nitrogen pollution incl. sludge stabilization in sediment trap and sludge dewatering belt press for its mechanical dewatering.

K&K TECHNOLOGY manufactured and supplied own specialised products – technological equipment for square secondary settling tanks, lifting device with lifting capacity until 300 kg, deodorization filter, storage water tank at an automated pressure regulating station and sewer closed slides.



31 July 2013

Festive completion of the WTP Kolinec

On Saturday, 6 July, there was a ceremony for the successful completion of project titled „Kolinec – water treatment plant“. The official part of ribbon-cutting ceremony was hold in the area of WTP Kolinec in attendance of  Mgr. Pavel Princ (City Manager of Kolinec), Václav Kutil ( General Manager of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s.),  Ing. Ladislav Pipošiar (Managing Director of Vodospol s.r.o.) and other important guests.

 Investor of project was town of Kolinec. During the ceremony Mgr. Pavel Princ (City Manager) said: “new water treatment plant of Kolinec brought drinking water quality enhancement for more than 800 inhabitants and he also thanks to general supplier K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. that the project was completed on time and to the required quality that meets project documentation”.

The aim of project was to provide and supply drinking water for the town of Kolinec in sufficient quantity and quality that meets regulation no. 252/2004 Coll. Construction finish time of WTP and its process of approval was taken effect in March and the trial operation was started in February, 2013. The total cost of investment of WTP was 6,7 mil. CZK.



14 June 2013

Prague office of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. has moved

As of 15. 6. 2013 our Commercial and Technical Office Prague moved to a new building Administrative centre.
The new office address:
Šafránkova 1243/3, 155 00 Praha 5 - Stodůlky



3 June 2013

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. showed exhibit of screw conveyor

Join-stock company K&K TECHNOLOGY shows exhibit of screw conveyor at 18th International Water Management Exhibition WATER SUPPLIES - SEWERAGE. Besides, our company exhibited screw conveyor, the K&K Technology also presented the offer of complete services in water, heat and power management.  Exhibition visitors, partners have been informed about K&K TECHNOLOGY experience from the reconstruction and modernization of municipal management facilities and systems in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia or Russian Federation and CIS countries.

You could see the showed exhibit of non-shaft screw conveyor in mode that uses plastic slide lining against abrasion. The equipment is primary intended for waste water and treatment plant use to convey waste sludge, biogas plant substrate and sand etc. Screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal, inclined or vertical conveyance.

Screw conveyor is produced to be installed at municipal or industrial WWTP, BPS etc. It can be standardized or customized according to clients´requests, e.g. simple or double screw due to conveyed capacity, inclination and conveyed medium, screw conveyor with screw ø 160 – 460mm, screw conveyor length from 1 – 15 m etc.



26 April 2013

Invitation to trade fair VODOVODY - KANALIZACE 2013

Joint-stock company K&K TECHNOLOGY will exhibit at WATER SUPPLIES – SEWERAGE trade fair. You are cordially invited to attend the trade fair, which will be held May 21 – 23, 2013 in Prague – Letňany, display stand num. 42, hall 4.

We are looking forward to your participation.   



3 April 2013

Students of training course - VH 1 receive certificate of final completion

The second part of training course VH1 – Waste water treatment took place on 18-22 March 2013 in training centre of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s, Klatovy. All participating employees of com. (i.e. Vak Jabolonné nad Orlicí, Chodské vodárny a kanalizace Domažlice, CHEVAK Cheb, Šumavské vodovody a kanalizace a VaK Beroun) successfully completed final tests of second part of training course and received the certificate of final completion to the extent of teaching hours.

Second part of training course was focused on deepen knowledge of sludge and gas handling of WWTP including experiences of WWTP and control systems operating.  Participants took an excursion to WWTP Plzeň and WWTP Klatovy where they can change operating experiences.

Training course VH 1 “Waste water treatment” was arranged by company K&K TECHNOLOGY together with Central Bohemian Institute of J. A. Komenského Academy.

Thanks to taking great interest for educational course, the next term for VH1 – 1 will be held on 15 – 19 April 2013 in training centre in Benešov.  Lectors team is looking forward to you – all!





26 February 2013

K&K TECHNOLOGY has announced 10 years´ operating experience with micro-aeration technology

The Czech Water Association – group of experts for solutions of extreme requirements on wastewater treatment hold the 5th conference titled “Solutions of extreme requirements on wastewater treatment Blansko 2013”, where K&K Technology actively participated with a lecture.

ICT - Institute of technology, water and environment, on behalf of Prof. Jeníček together with joint – stock company K&K Technology, on behalf of Sales director Ing. Horejš, participated on the lecture entitled “Operating experience with biological desulphurization of biogas".



The lecture on the main topic is concerned of 10 years´ operating experience with micro-aeration technology in operation of more than 20 WWTP, BS in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Please find more information about the lecture  in Czech.



21 January 2013

Project completion of Water Treatment Plant Přeštice

In the period 03/2012 – 11/2012, construction project of the new water treatment plant was implemented in Přeštice. The subject of the work was construction supply within the project titled “Přeštice – new water treatment plant “, which was co-financed by the Operational Programme Environment.

Joint – stock company K&K TECHNOLOLOGY was supplier of complete technology solution comprising pressure filtration system, chemical management, treated water pumping station, main switching station and control room. Former water treatment plant was replaced with WTP project to provide drinking water in its quality and quantity for the city of Přeštice. WTP capacity is 20l/s – former was 9l/s.



1 November 2012

VH1 Training course  – Waste water treatment

In today´s society, standard of living for inhabitants of cities and municipalities is depended on quality function of water operation field and sewerage system. Quality drinking water supply, waste water treatment and discharge demands employees´ high proficiency in each phase. 

K&K TECHNOLOGY decided to set up a system of water management training courses. The training with a focus on completing and updating professional knowledge was aimed at employees of water supply and sewerage system operators in a position of Foreman, Shift leader, Dispatcher (National Qualifications Framework – NQF 4) and Assembler/Mechanic (National Qualifications Framework – NQF 3). The training courses are focused on a knowledge based on operating experience and required for operating, in order to provide professional qualifications for an operating crew.

The first phase of VH1 training course – Wastewater treatment took place on 22. – 26. 10 2012 in Slovakian training centre of Belá.  The following companies (i.e. Vak Jabolonné nad Orlicí, Chodské vodárny a kanalizace Domažlice, CHEVAK Cheb, Šumavské vodovody a kanalizace a VaK Beroun) participated in. Participants of training course completed their professional knowledge, visited Rajec WWTP and cities (i.e. Žilina, Těrchová