Waste Water Treatment Plants

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. supplies waste water treatment plants as investment units both for municipal and industrial customers. It is ready to provide a complete range of services from preparatory studies, preliminary design and design preparation, supply of all deliveries and installation, up to complete testing, commissioning, service and operation consultancy.

The process of qualified preparation and implementation of a waste water treatment plant is based on the technological design of waste water treatment. K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. provides such designs both through its own specialists and working closely with reputable partners and institutions.

When implementing waste water treatment plant deliveries, K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. puts great emphasis on making sure that not only the technology itself but also its operation meet the requirements of the specific environment and of the client.

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. has a lot of experience in new construction as well as reconstruction, modernization and intensification projects for complete waste water treatment plants and their selected assemblies.


Basic scope of offered technologies