Electrical Technologies for Industries

The electrotechnical centre of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. produces complete heavy-current, weak-current and control switchboards according to its own project documentation or to customer-supplied designs. 

The switchboard boxes in use are usually made by RITTAL or other reputable worldwide producers, while instrumentation usually follows the range prescribed in the design, most frequently comprising the products of Schneider Electric, Siemens and other leading firms. Switchboards leave the production shop only after being tested thoroughly and provided with complete accompanying documentation, as well as initial electrical inspection.

The electrotechnical centre completes the machines and apparatus produced with required electrical equipment.

The service range of the centre includes on-site assembly, installation and commissioning of the switchboards, machines and apparatus produced.

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. provides the service of supplied electrotechnical products and devices on the basis of concluded service contracts.