Bio-waste treatment

The activities of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. mainly consist in a comprehesive approach to solutions of the technological system of bio-waste handling and in the development and use of the state-of-art bio-waste processing technologies. 

In addition to separate equipment deliveries, K&K TECHNOLOGY also provides comprehensive solutions in the field of biogas stations and bio-waste processing. K&K TECHNOLOGY is with the project from the very commencement to commissioning, drawing up projects, overall proposals for technological solutions, process optimization, commissioning and service incl. automatic control system and electrical equipment for its customers. 


K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. offers services and technological facilities to treat various bio-waste (BW, BMW) such as:

  • gastro-waste and food waste (food with expired best-before date and packed)
  • WWTP sludge
  • slaughter waste
  • waste from livestock production
  • substrates


K&K TECHNOLOGY offers technological equipment for bio-waste treatment for operations of biogas station, agriculture biogas stations and wastewater treatment plants:

  • bio-waste intake tanks with shifting bed of screws
  • screw conveyors for bio-waste transport
  • separation equipment
  • shredder system
  • accumulation pits, tank with submersible stirrers
  • pasteurizing tanks
  • automatic control systems
  • electric equipment (switchgear production, assembly, commencement)


Our company transform bio-waste in biogas stations into:

  • biogas 
  • heat energy
  • green electric energy
  • biomethane