Sedimentation tanks - rectangular

Selected projects with installation of technological equipment


for rectangular sedimentation tanks - Finnchain scraper systems

Projectdimension (l,w,h)Number of tanks
Year of finish
WWTP Prušánky, CR22 m, 6 m, 4 m1 pc2021
WWTP Hořovice, CR21m, 12 m, 4m1 pc2019
WWTP Velké Bílovice, CR13,8m, 7,2m, 4,7m1 pc2018
WWTP Vítkov, CR5,6m, 29,6m, 4m1 pc2018
WWTP Partizanské, SR5,5m, 26,7m, 2,6m1 pc2017
WWTP Jirkov, CR12m, 48,3m, 3,8m1 pc2016
WWTP Púchov, SR5,8m, 18 m, 4,3m2 pcs2015
WWTP Dolní Břežany, CR4,3m, 14,1m, 5 m2 pcs2014
WWTP Hořovice, CR11,9m, 21m, 4m1 pc2012
WWTP Borovany, CR5,9m, 18m, 3,7 m2 pcs2012
WWTP Domažlice, CR5,8m, 48m, 3,9m4 pcs2012
WWTP Česká Lípa, CR8,85m, 36,1m, 4,1m  2 pcs2011
WWTP Česká Lípa, CR7,5m, 23,4m, 3,11m2 pcs2011
WWTP Ledvice, CR6,4m, 36,3m, 4,4m2 pcs2009
WWTP Ledvice, CR6,8m, 36,3m, 4,4m1 pc2009
WWTP Senica, SR6m, 45m, 3,3 m4 pcs2008
WWTP Ruzyně PH, CR10m, 3,6m, 3,1m1 pc2007
WWTP Lanškroun, CR11,1m, 30m, 4,2m2 pcs2006
WWTP Aš, CR5,8m, 21m, 4m2 pcs2006
WWTP Jirkov, CR12m,48,3m, 3,8 m2 pcs2005
WWTP Sedlčany, CR9m, 27m, 4m2 pcs2003
WWTP Dolný Kubín, SR11,m, 43,5m, 3,3m2 pcs2002
WWTP Povážská Bystrica, SR12m, 20,7m, 2,8m2 pcs2002